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Nuisance squirrels in an attic present the same problems as mice but just on a larger scale as they can gnaw faster resulting in greater damage. The damage these nuisance animals create in an attic is usually never covered by homeowners insurance given that they are a rodent. Squirrel damage in an attic ranges from gnawed wires to trampling and urination on insulation or exterior holes that allow water to enter creating water damage and mold issues along with other unwanted guest from bugs to bats to enter. Our professional humane squirrel removal company in Lake Catherine gets to the bottom of pest squirrel problems and stop them with numerous effective squirrel trapping set ups without needing extermination. We offer all services after successful squirrel removal ranging from squirrel odor removal and nesting removal to squirrel exclusion and damage repairs with squirrel proof steel. Squirrels can be a real pain especially when they have 2 litters of young per year. If you are having issues with nuisance squirrels in your attic don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation. We offer squirrel control packages as well for large colonies.


Skunk Removal & Control

We remove skunks in Lake Catherine frequently but can honestly say we love skunks, they are cute, docile animals when dealt with correctly are surprisingly very smart with a reputation for being smarter and a better pet then a house cat. If it were legal in Illinois we might even have a few…however we would never want one living under our deck or stoop so we know just how you feel when you want to get rid of a pest skunk on your property. Believe it or not we have had several clients call the gas company or fire department before calling us for skunk trapping services because they thought the sulfur in the skunk essence was a gas leak. The sulfur in skunk spray is what temporarily blinds animals threatening the skunks life. We offer professional skunk odor removal for skunk spray that is just unbearable which is usually best done after skunk trapping is performed. There is a special process for skunk control that always starts with humane skunk trapping because nothing can be done effectively with a live skunk spraying. Unfortunately we do encounter dead skunks from poisoning or natural causes usually disease. When we have a dead skunk under a deck of concrete stoop we try and remove it as soon as possible as the smell will last for periods of 6+ months very strongly. This is best accomplished by digging till the carcass can be found and removed, a very long process. If you’re looking for professional skunk control to eradicate nuisance animals by humane trapping give us a call today for a phone consultation for skunk removal or skunk odor removal.


Humane Raccoon Trapping & Control

Nuisance raccoons in an attic present two huge issues. Attic insulation damage causing a big rise in heating & cooling bills and the parasite ridden feces filled with raccoon roundworm eggs. Raccoons establish community latrines sites where they repeatedly deposit fresh feces. Raccoon feces can carry millions of roundworm eggs that lay dormant for years and can infect domestic cats and dogs, so raccoon removal is very important Raccoons are powerful animals and to be quite honest, almost every home is at risk of raccoons entering the attic because of their agility and power. Nuisance raccoons chew through roof shingles and wood, boar through soffits, tear down siding and fascia boards and pop open attic fans & vents to get inside an attic. Our raccoon removal company in Lake Catherine, IL tackles all types of pest raccoon control situations with various types of traps and raccoon exclusion, custom fabricated out of steel to insure once we get rid of raccoons they are gone for good. If you have a raccoon that has broken into your attic you are in luck about one thing, homeowners insurance usually covers the damage they do and takes care of the damaged insulation ruined by the raccoons walking and trampling around. Attic re-insulation due to raccoon damage is best done once the problem raccoons are removed and the raccoon entry points are sealed up professionally. We guarantee all of our raccoon proofing for quality of materials and workmanship. If you have a raccoon in your attic that you need to get rid of, call us today. We will send out a technician to get your humane raccoon trapping process started as well as an agent to estimate damage and work directly with your homeowners insurance on attic restoration.

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Everyone knows the smell of a skunk there's no argument there, from a distance it's tolerable, but having a skunk spray under your stoop is a whole different ballgame and can leave you in a bad spot. A burrowing skunk usually starts with chipmunks creating a small hole and a skunk locating it or the scent left behind from another skunk issue. Skunk control is the only way to remove your skunk issue. Moth balls, rags soaked in ammonia or placing a radio by the hole might work for a short time, but it won’t solve the problem. Skunks that burrow at the beginning of the year are looking for a safe place to deliver their litter and there’s nothing safer than being tuck under a big chunk of concrete. Skunks start mating in mid- February through mid- March and gives live birth to about 4 to 8 all too eager to spray kits in early June. When looking for a skunk trapping company, you want a company with experience in knowing how to read a skunks behavior and remove them without spraying. Although young skunks are a little more eager to spray then adult skunks though and trying to remove of a baby skunks odor lessly is a very hit or miss task. Our professional skunk removal team has over 25 years of experience to relieve you of your unwanted stoop dwellers. Our Skunk elimination services is very skilled in trapping and removing your skunk issues and relieving you of that revolting odor. After all skunks are removed, Our skunk extermination services advises skunk proofing your problem area, this is a necessity to eliminate any other stoop dweller that may try and take advantage of an open den site and most animals will take over a skunk den including raccoons, opossums and woodchucks. We would like to inform our consumers of the possibility of an animal dying in an out of reach area where a dig out is crucial for dead animal because the smell of a decaying carcass will make you forget about a skunk scent. Our skunk control services also offer removal of any odor to relieve you of that nauseating odor and give you peace of mind. If you’re in need of skunk trapping in Illinois give us a call, we'll be glad to help remove your pest skunk issues and leave you and your family in a good positionsquirrel removal companies near me

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Squirrels can be quite interesting to watch from afar, but once these tree dwelling critters find a way into your home, they become home wreckers. The very first squirrel problem that our licence squirrel removal services like everyone to know about is that over 30,000 rodent related fires are caused every year to home and business due to gnawing of wires, this is over 1/3 of fires across the U.S., with that comes the fact that homeowners insurance usually does not cover damage created by squirrels because there consider rodents, also pest squirrel infestation poses a serious health risk to human. Among the many parasitic pests squirrels bring into your home, ticks and fleas are almost surely present, leading to pet infections as well. At our squirrel trapping company, we take this matter very serious. Our professional squirrel control has over 25 years’ experience in removing all pest squirrels issues. Pest squirrels can be cunning and difficult to remove so squirrel extermination is a job for the professionals. Trapping pest squirrel yourself may result in a trap shy squirrel and will be more difficult to remove. With the average pest squirrel numbers ranging from 3-7 and having two litters a year, we offer a squirrel trapping package that takes care of the inspection, traps set up, use multiple of traps and remove as many squirrels as we can in a given time period, which is a huge break from paying per animal removed. Once all squirrels are removed, we recommend squirrel proofing the damage entry point to ensure your squirrel issue is gone for good. Our humane squirrel removal specialists have many ways they can deal with your squirrel issue to leave you in a good position and give you peace of mind. If you’re in need of squirrel control in Illinois were just a phone call away to help you with all squirrel removal issues you may have.